Karen Lauke

Sound design and original composition

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Laptop connections (PQ07)

  • Installation

The OISTAT Sound Working Group is pleased to announce the Laptop Connections Installation, to take place at the Masarykovo Railway Station during PQ07. The installation/performance will include eight to ten pairs of sound designers, one member of each team onsite and the other member in a remote location, performing a live soundscore in the Railway Station. Each onsite designers will be strategically positioned around the station with their laptops, connected to a WiFi network, amplified through a pair of powered computer speakers and perform their contribution into the unique environment that is the Masarykovo Station.

The time for the event is 1700-1900 hours on Monday June 18th

The performance content is to be developed by each team, using the idea of "Bridging Cultures" as a jumping off point. The content could be streamed from the remote location to the Masarykovo Station to the partner onsite, where it is broadcast. Or it could be first manipulated or augmented by the onsite designer. Or it could be manipulated and folded back to the first designer for broadcast in their location. Or none of those things. Or all of those things. The possibilities are open and will only be limited by technology.


Team 4 - Karen Hay (UK) and Kris Popat (UK) Patrick Lauke / Prague and Leeds / Investigation of language, place and space involving verbal information passed between groups of live participants in both locations.

For this installation, live and prerecorded sounds from Masarykovo Nádraží were sent to Kris Popat in Leeds for manipulation, and then re-broadcast (following further on-site manipulation with Max/MSP and Pure Data) into the trainstation.