Karen Lauke

Sound design and original composition

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Lonely Hearts

  • Installation

Lonely Heart explores the relationship between text and sound and is based on an extract from Zygmunt Bauman's Identity. The text was used as a source of inspiration, acting as a point of departure for the composition. Segments of text were recorded and manipulated to create an eerie, atmospheric feel to the composition. Experimentation with the narrator's vocals allowed the text to be whispered as well as being read in a more dramatic manner.

Although working very clearly with the extract of text, I was conscious that I wanted to try and create a visual image in the listener's mind similar to the one I had imagined when reading the text for the first time.

The overall aim was to create a sound that had a disturbing edge to it. I had been experimenting with the sound of bowed trees whilst exhibiting some work in Italy in October 2006 and made use of these original recordings alongside further more recent recordings of a similar nature.

The composition is relatively short in duration, however it was more of an experiment than a finished work.

Below is the extract of text that was used for inspiration:

What we all seem to fear, whether we are suffering from 'dependent depression' or not, whether we are in the full light of day or harassed by nocturnal hallucinations, is abandonment, exclusion, being rejected, blackballed, disowned, dropped, stripped of what we are, not allowed to be what we wish to be. We fear being left alone, helpless and hapless. We fear being denied company, loving hearts, helping hands. We hear being dumped in the scrapyard. What we miss most is the certainty that all that won't happen - not to us. We miss exemption from the universal and ubiquitous threat of exemption...

(Bauman, 2004: 92)