Karen Lauke

Sound design and original composition

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  • Installation

Listen was written in response to an international commission by Dody Nash for the Victoria & Albert Museum. The piece is a journey through time, punctuated by passing noises and voices. The listener has stepped into the world of another person. Some of the thoughts and sounds heard will be familiar to the listener, enabling a link or connection with them and their world, other sounds will be novel and surprising.

Listen experiments with sound as a narrative tool, allowing individual images to emerge in the listener’s subconscious, visualising the thoughts racing through our heads – questions we ask ourselves, things we suddenly remember. The mind races, constructing ideas...but what does it all sound like? Listen fuses the spoken word, familiar everyday, environmental sounds and electroacoustic music, to explore the internal, subjective world of thoughts.

The work is still available to listen and read about at myspace.com/listeningshell

Installation designed by Dody Nash / Photography by Patrick H Lauke / Text by Dr. Helen Newall

Victoria & Albert Museum, London Nov 2007-March 2008