Karen Lauke

Sound design and original composition

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  • Theatre

Odyssey is a blend of atmospheric and environmental sounds fused together in order to capture the ambient mood of the physical interpretation of the Greek mythological tale of The Odyssey. The text used in production was written out from the sound and movement and tells the story of the women left behind, waiting on the beach, imagining the journeys their menfolk are making.

The composition explores natural, ecological sea sounds represented and supported by sounds produced from the large polythene sheet on-stage, creating an atmospheric environment.

Odyssey was entered and selected to be part of the Sound Design Digtal & Gallery Exhibition which was part of OISTATs World Stage Design 2009 in Korea and has since won a prize alongside other sound designs entered. The Digital Exhition can be found at http://www.theatresound.org

Text written and directed by Dr. Helen Newall / Photography by Peter Griffiths