Karen Lauke

Sound design and original composition

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Cities of Sound

  • Installation

Cities of Sound is a sonic exhibition exploring environmental sound from different locations around the world. The exhibition is a practice-based research project that has grown out of my ongoing experimentation with, and investigation into, environmental sound recordings.

The sonic composition features binaural, environmental sounds recorded in a variety of locations, including China, Denmark, Italy, Indonesia and the Czech Republic. The final piece mixes the raw materials of the original recordings, which capture the essence of their respective environments, with more heavily manipulated and processed variations, in order to create an organic soundscape.

The project has allowed an initial investigation into the position and diffusion of sound in a given space.  The quadraphonic composition was complemented by specific sounds that were heard when passing through the space.  Site-specific sounds came from each of the hanging pictures and therefore added texture to the installation.

The project was documented over the four days installation in Liverpool and a short section of the installation can be seen below.  If you would like further information or details about the project, please contact me.

Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool (2009)

Site-specific Commission with Community Artists
Sound Design / Composition: Karen Lauke
Photography: Patrick H. Lauke