Karen Lauke

Sound design and original composition

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In the Museum of Lost Sounds

  • Radio/Commercial

This work uses as its starting point the sounds that someone growing deaf can no longer hear, but which can still be heard in memories and dreams. It also uses a palette of more abstract sound reproducing the phantom noise phenomenon tinnitus.

The process of making the piece consisted of the sounds of tinnitus being described by a hearing impaired person who experiences tinnitus. Attempts were then made to replicate as closely as possible each of these sounds using generated sound and treated sound: the soundscape, as an aesthetic work, was then created from this noise/sound vocabulary and included fragments of text spoken by Dr Helen Newall. Thus it does not claim to reproduce tinnitus and deafness, but instead uses the sounds of such human experience as its constituent parts.

Sonic Art Oxford Online Radio (2009)

Collaboration with writer & voice artist Helen Newall
Sound Design / Composition: Karen Lauke